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Bottle-less coolers eliminate plastic, reducing your office's carbon footprint, while giving up the hassle and clunkiness of bottles!  

Southern Arizona Ice & Water is Tucson's premier bottleless 

ice & water experts that are dedicated to bringing only the

highest quality water to your space. 

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Water needs to be convenient and easy.

Why bother with the hassle bottles bring; delivery, storage (cluttering your space),

and finally having to change them when the water runs out. 

The International Bottled Water Association requires that your cooler must be sanitized every 6 weeks or every 2 bottles.

Chances are neither of those are happening, which makes your cooler feeding grounds for air and water borne bacteria to grow. Turning your bottled water cooler into a petrie dish, which grows bacteria at 90,000 parts per million every 120 days. 

To make these water jugs it takes 3-4 times the amount of water it takes to fill one up. Plus having to lift 42 pound bottles can be a serious liability leading to a workman's comp injury. 60% of all administrative workman's comp injuries are from lifting 5 galloon water jugs.

With our bottleless ice & water solutions, your office can significantly reduce its carbon footprint as well as eliminating the hassle, liability, and inconvenience that bottles can bring. 

Reverse Osmosis is scientifically proven to be the best way of purifying water, stripping the water of 98% of all contaminants.

All of our products having a 5 filter, 13 step purification water treatment system that removes harmful particles and chemicals leaving you with purified ice & water. Our machines are a closed-system, where the water is stored in a sealed stainless steel tank with no exposure to the outside world. 

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