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We are a local small business that is dedicated to providing 
a cost effective, hygienic water cooler that will act as a safeguard
for your office's sanitization protocol. 
Water is an essential part of life, one that is often overlooked.
As we discover what these new times will hold, we cannot overlook anything. 
Which is why we make it as easy as possible to get
ice & water in your hand. 
With our water cooler service...
No more deliveries, no more fluctuating monthly bills, no more office clutter, & no more cross contamination.  

Proud to be Serving

Local business
Local business
Tucson local business
Small local business
Small local business

What People are Saying

Brian Gard

The guys from So AZ Ice & Water are ultra responsive to needs. We love their service, no bottles to worry about, or cleaning. They take care of all the service. We get great tasting fresh cold and hot water for employees and clients.

Aaron Uhe

Southern Arizona Ice & Water has been nothing short of amazing. Had a need for ice and water at our location and the install was flawless and the customer service has been outstanding. Paying the bill is easy and convenient with all of it being online. Thank you Southern Arizona Ice & Water for keeping my team hydrated and cool!!!

Diggins Environmental 

Working with Southern Arizona Ice & Water has been a fantastic experience from the very beginning, talk about perfect timing. We did ask for some special requests and they were able to deliver, this is the kind of customer service we appreciate. Thank you

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