What Your Water Company Isn't Telling You!

Have you ever cleaned or sanitized the inside of your bottled water cooler? 

Better yet, has your water provider ever informed you this is something you need to do?

Without cleaning & sanitizing every other bottle change; biofilms, algae, & even mold 

will start to grow on the inside of your cooler. 

These coolers require interactions to reload & resupply, subjecting them to 

a wide variety of cross contamination issues. Leading to what you see above...

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FUN FACT: bottled water companies store there water bottles outside. 

When plastic sits in the sun it leaches harmful chemicals into water. 

Algae starts to form & grow in water in as little as 75F with direct sunlight. 

These bottles sit outside for weeks or even months before they get delivered

to your business. 

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